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tv   Kushti  Al Jazeera  January 21, 2019 5:54pm-6:01pm +03

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in the damascus international airport as well as another intelligence installation now the rocket itself was not launched from a base apparently it was launched from an urban area not far from damascus so israel did not retaliate. against this particular target but the message is loud and clear israel will insist on expelling the iranians a minute just briefly how unusual is it for israel to officially confirm its operations inside syria i mean the i.d.f. made the surprise announcement on twitter just as the airstrikes were actually happening the twitter announcement was intended to warn off the syrians but the israelis say that there is a difference between the secret war that they have been conducting and this particular and that you're reading and rate because directness and the syrians
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themselves have been announcing these strikes so there was no point in trying to hide them any longer what about the russians amir because we know they are supposedly given proper notice before any israeli air strikes but under this deal what exactly is israel allowed to do inside syria. israeli and russian officers operations specialists met only last week and have reaffirmed the conflicting mechanism which exists between the israeli air force high command in tel aviv and the syrian and the russian base in syrian territory in come in and obviously the russians are giving prior notice regarding the various areas if not the targets themselves and the various time on targets so that their own aircraft would be away from this particular airspace and
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apparently it has worked fine this time around i mean oren thank you for talking to al-jazeera. now the u.n. envoy to syria is in russia where he's meeting with the foreign minister challenge joins us live now from moscow rules so what are you expecting to come out of this meeting between us and. well i think this is primarily going to be a meet and greet i wouldn't necessarily expect a huge amount of progress to be made today in moscow this is get edison's first visit to moscow as the new u.n. envoy to syria of course he replaces stefan de mistura someone who is in that job for four years so the pet is a norwegian a long time u.n. diplomats he has had experience in the middle east before in the palestinian territories and in lebanon but taking over the syrian brief is of course
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a big job and so he's already been to damascus he's now coming to moscow and this will be the first time that he sits down with sergei lavrov the russian foreign minister and also meet people like. who's the russian presidential envoy to syria so it's basically a chance for these people to get to know each other and work out what's the likelihood what's the possibility there is pushing forward the u.n. path to reconciliation and peace in syria rory thank you. type erdogan has told us president donald trump that turkey is ready to take control of the kurdish held syrian city of man but without delay the turkish president made the proposal in a phone conversation with trump told the president there's an attack last week in monday's it killed four u.s. personnel was a provocation by eisel aimed at influencing drums decision to pull all troops from syria. polls have now closed in the southern philippines for an historic vote on
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autonomy more than two million people in mindanao region were asked if they back a plan by separatists in the government to create a self administered area known as bangsamoro the new proposal would mean greater control and less dependence on the national government well if the vote passes the bangsamoro organic law will come into effect for the new autonomous region the law is the result of a comprehensive agreement to end the decades long conflict between the more islamic liberation front chief play in the muslim separatist rebellion movement and the philippine government the rule will identify the bangsamoro people as native or the original inhabitants of mindanao it also pave the way for the creation of the bangsamoro government which will be led by a chief minister and a regional parliament. what jamila alan durban is following developments from mindanao. when holes opened early in the morning there was a sense of calm all across about the city we accompanied the leaders of the more islamic liberation front chairman were rather cast that vote for the first time
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together with his supporters have nothing themselves to the country that democratic process something great they feel that they have never thought possible after decades of fighting the philippine government i thought were closing at around three pm local time the situation became freshly when the military trying to get through a growing crowd in one of the creeping fear many of them were me to leave the prison before they were able to vote and they were upset and there is so outside the gate being thickly demanding more clarity and can guarantee in this electoral process and this is exactly what is needed to be proven today and in the coming days days and the government continues it can't think of both that the process will be credible and acceptable to both sides both the philippine government the supporters and the more islamic liberation front at this point also what is critical is that expectations will be leveled specially for the supporters of the
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more islamic liberation front. but just as in moscow are demanding that russia keep the disputed carrillo and the head of talks with japan over their ownership of the soviet union took the southern most cruel islands during world war two but japan territorial rights to them hundreds of protesters rallied for russia to keep the islands the dispute over their sovereignty has prevented the two countries from signing a peace treaty russian president vladimir putin will host japanese prime minister shinzo lobby for talks on tuesday. time for a short break here and i'll just come back we'll tell you why define colombians of flooded the streets and who their anger is directed at. and watson and may not to bring tens of thousands of people to the streets of athens in protest or not stay with us.


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